Bright and Refreshing

Bright and Refreshing

Bright and Refreshing

Positive energy is the only thing that makes us happy in life, and that keeps our happiness in both our business and in our private lives. At this point, nature opens a door for us to carry positive energy to our home. Spring…

There is always something to be done in the spring because  spring is undoubtedly the best season to disperse the gloomy mood of winter and refresh the weather between all seasons. Our clothes are getting lighten and  our homes, work places in the same lightness of our eyes. Natural materials, Jute carpets and of course, indispensable flowers. You can create a greater change and renewal than you think by spending small efforts in your life and work areas. It's time to get some courage! Combine the right colors with the right furniture and accessories to enter the door and leave yourself to the positive energy wave. Pleasant readings.


Positive Colors


Orange, yellow, green and pink. When colors are used correctly, they become very powerful design elements and they not only appeal to the eye but also have undeniable effects on our psychology. My advice to you is to bring the joy and energy to your house this season with the colors of the sun. Orange is the color of the sun and represents energy. This is why the concept of orange-related products and signs is orange. Reminiscent of rebirth and revival. The color of hope. It is the symbol of spiritual wealth. He has healing power. It's good for depression. It also evokes a sense of fun. Just like red, it is a color that attracts attention. But his aggressive feeling is not orange. Reminiscent of rebirth and revival. Hence the color of hope. It is warm because it is a warm color. It also evokes a sense of fun. Yellow is also the color of the sun, such as orange. Light tones are energized and reminiscent of writing. It has a cheerful, blissful effect like the same daylight. It is believed that it increases mental activity and affects memory positively. Inspirational colors. The color of nature and spring. It represents freshness, growth and maturation. It has a soothing and healing effect. It gives a feeling of harmony and tranquility. Represents cleanliness and spaciousness. This is why it is often encountered in the logos of cleaning products. The female is the symbol of energy. It is full of love, finesse and kindness. It is considered one of the colors of spring. It is associated with renewal and revival. It's romantic colors, it evokes love. Purity is the color of imagination and fantasy. 

Power of Fabrics


The fabrics you choose for any place in your home are in fact a reflection of your soul. If you've opened the door to your home in the spring, then let the fabrics come alive. Contrary to what is known, patterned fabrics do not always narrow your fields, but they can create more spacious and fun spaces when used correctly.


Lemon Scent


Flowers are always an important part of this ring, but now there is a fresh stream more fresh. Yes, flowers are replaced by mini fruit trees, live cacti and other decorative trees. Besides, the mummified flowers bring a new breath to decorating and interior design.



Renewing and freshening comes out as the key we need to be happy in all cultures, rituals and social life, we can put our house in this way first and then with these little touches.